Even at the age of 10, Kat could pick the perfect finishes, paint colors, and countertops to complete a home. A Denver native, Kat is a natural go-getter who has always been interested in interior design, architecture, and all things real estate. Her passion for design began at a young age when she would frequently flip through the many pages of Frank Lloyd Wright’s complete collection of homes and any other architectural design books she could get her hands on. Growing up, this passion was fueled by HGTV and the nearly hundred or so times she and her mother would visit different cities and drive through neighborhoods, pointing out the homes they liked to each other (you can ask her about the time the two had a brief run-in with the Secret Service after unknowingly circling the home of a former US president on one such trip). Kat’s love for home design is not surpassed by her innate ability to connect with people. “I’ve always loved getting to know new people and creating long-lasting friendships,” says Kat, “I’m so glad that I’ve found a profession where I can combine my passion for real estate and my passion for making people smile. It doesn’t feel like work at all”. Especially in the cases of first-time home buyers, Kat loves the look on the faces of people who have just stepped into their future home for the first time, and believes that hard work is a small price to pay for helping clients achieve their real estate goals. When she’s not working, Kat is spending time with her two rescue dogs, Frank & Steve. She also frequents the Cherry Creek Trader Joe’s to keep her home filled with fresh flower arrangements and home-cooked meals, and volunteers at local animal rescues.

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